Friday, December 21, 2007


Much to Mindi's enjoyment and pleasant surprise, I have surrendered the Snoogle. It was becoming a "sore spot" in our relationship, and not only did I decide that it was causing me more discomfort than good, but losing it would allow us to be closer in these last fleeting days. Mindi felt that it took up too much room in the bed, and while I enjoyed the extra support I got from it, it was becoming increasingly more and more difficult to get up to pee 3x a night because I had to crawl over the pillow to get out of bed. I think that I have slept better in the last three nights sans Snoogle than I have in the last few weeks with it. Don't get me wrong, I suggest that any and all pregnant womwn get a Snoogle or other body pillow, but at this point it is done for me!

Project: Eject Baby has come to an impasse. After eating all of that pineapple and practically burning my tongue off, I realized, like many of my faithful readers pointed out, that I was straying away from my "uber-zen" state of mind. I suppose that it certainly kept me entertained for a while, but It did make me stress out a little... For now, I will just continue to sit on my faithful birth ball and bounce cuz it's fun, I will have pineapple as the fruit portion of lunch today instead of my typical apple, simply because I have 2 pineapples in my kitchen, and If I am feeling really sassy, I may continue to pump just because I really would like to breastfeed our baby, but due to a reduction surgery I had done on the girls in 2004, I know I may not be able to do so. I figured, that if I "gave my boobs a workout" before the baby came, maybe I would have a better chance of breastfeeding when the baby arrives.

Little baby, take your time. I lost my focus for a little bit, but fear not my love, you still have an uber-zen mama that wants you to come when you are good and ready :). If that means that everyone waits for 2 more weeks- that is juuuust dandy!


  1. I don't think I can last two more weeks. This is nerve wracking and I don't even really know you people. Well, actually I may know more about you than I do my own friends who have been pregnant.

    Maybe if you could get in one of those meditative positions and just imagine yourself having the baby. Ohhhmmmmmmm Ohhmmmmmmmm Ohmmmm my god get out of my body, ohmmmmm.
    You know that sort of thing.

    Will check back later tonight and maybe you will be taking a swim in the pool. - R.

  2. So, I come in from being gone to our B&B to run to the in'laws computer to find out if it was a boy or a girl, and, alas, no baby yet. I'm telling you, she/he wants to be a capricorn, very nice, I like them very much :)

    So glad you are back in your zen state, I'm sure the baby is happy too :)

    Still waiting.. not so patiently, but a christmas baby will be fabulous I'm sure :)

    Sending lots of reiki and positive energy to you ladies!!

  3. Little Baby - I would appreciate if you came out today, that we we can celebrate the same birthday. Take it into consideration. ;)

    Hope you're still doing well Lynn! Glad you have regained the zen-ness!!


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