Thursday, December 20, 2007

the 40W picture

Mindi and I went to Target today to walk walk walk. I had a coupon for a free coffee at the Starsucks and decided to cash in. As I am waiting in line, 2 women decided that they had permission to:

1. ask me the status of my girlie parts
2. make me feel fatter than I already do by asking if I was having twins
3. tell me that it was "such a shame" that I was GOING to have a Christmas baby
4. tell me the gory details about the tears they got while giving birth

I was never so happy to say, "oh, I have to go pee now! Bye bye!

I will never understand, and hopefully, I won't have to think about it for much longer!

For your viewing pleasure, I am proud to give you my 6week and 40week belly shots.

Please, enjoy, and also, please note how I totally have NOT dropped AT ALL, and how high this baby is sitting in my belly! Man, I have been bouncing on this damn birth ball for 4 days straight and nothing!!! grrrrrrrr.....

For anyone who knows what a "station" is- this baby is at -3 station. For those who don't know the stations by heart: station=where the baby's head is in relation to the pelvis. -3 station is almost floating in the uterus, 0 station is right at the opening to the cervix, and +3 station is crowning. This baby is barely engaged in my pelvis, which is probably the reason I am not really waddling, and I don't have that "bowling ball between the legs sensation". I can't complain about the lack of a bowling ball, but they do say that first time mother's babies are usually "engaged" at least at a -1 station by the time they go into labor.

What about you girls with experience? How early did you drop? Was the head engaged when labor started for you??


  1. Went to the midwife the afternoon before my baby girl came and I hadn't dropped - I was on the birthing ball all evening and went for a major walk - she dropped the next day when I was in labour. She moved quickly. I was 40 weeks 4 days.

    I am getting so excited for you three. I am predicting a Saturday baby...

  2. hang in there. I am sorry that you have to listen to people and there crappy stories. Wanna hear mine? Birth #1 LOVED IT. Long but not too difficult labor(until the transition of course). Pushed for 45 minutes. My son was born in the tub, lights dim, moon shining in our room. It was amazing. Birth #2 Again, LOVED IT. Little bit less labor. For me, things don't move along until my water is broken. After that happens, hold on for the ride!! My second son was born in the wee hours of the morning. I felt so much more in control of the process the second time around.

    I never was told much about station. Just dilation and effacement.
    Instead of a horror story, this is my advice. . .take it or leave it :)
    Birth is the hardest work your body will ever go through. Your body is made to make this happen. Trust and listen to your body. I know you are so anxious to meet your baby, but try to let go a little bit.

  3. Wow! That birth presentation is something eh!? Our bodies are seriously AMAZING.

    Okay, I cannot believe how rude those people were to you at Starbucks! What a shame to have a Christmas baby?? People like that need to be hit upside the head. How 'bout, I don't know, THE BEST GIFT EVER. I'm a Christmas baby, no complaints here.

    I think Mamamia gave some great advice. I think you REALLY want this baby, I dont blame you! But, it seems like the wee one wants to stay in there just a LITTLE bit longer. Stay zen-like and be patient girlie. This will happen exactly when it is supposed to. Enjoy these last moments being pregnant. Breathe. You girls are gonna be mommies SOON :) Lots of virtual support your way!

  4. That baby looks seriously uncomfortable all scrunched up on his head. If he straightens his little legs he would just push himself out.

  5. i woke up wondering if you had been in labor since i was at my computer last! i don't know anything about dropping yet. sorry. i agree that scary story starbucks sl*ts should be bopped on the head. how rude! stay strong hun! sending you some +3 station ju-ju. keep the updates coming! i'm biting all my fingernails off.

  6. After 11 hours of labor my son was only at a 0 and I was dilated to 9.5 cm. Sometimes you just have to wait till the pushing stage to get the baby to really drop. Come to think of it, when my water broke I was dilated to 4.5cm and he was at a -3 still. I think the baby will come when it is ready too. Just relax, the baby knows what to do and when to do it.


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