Monday, December 17, 2007

39weeks, 4 days and counting...

Ok girls. When did YOU *spontaneously* go into labor?? I want answers ladies! All of you lurkers out there with experience better comment on this post because, based on my site meter, I currently get about 60 hits a day and I am sure that MOST of you are female, and MANY of you have kids already!!!

Please don't torture the pregnant lady by not answering!

Teehee- thanks, I love you all!

Oh, and for your visual stimulation- a picture of the exhausted mama-to-be taken last night after running mondo errands, followed by a picture of how I chose to torture myself, oops, I mean, induce labor by asking the waiter at the Mexican restaurant for "The hottest shit you have in your kitchen"- yeh, my ass burned for 2 days...


  1. 40 weeks and 4 days - have a beautiful 3 month old baby girl - very excited for you and your partner!

  2. Hey there, its Pj from the FF boards. Hang in there! I keep checking the boards to see how you are doing, but now that I can stalk you on your blog...I'll do that!! haha

  3. I still say you will have the baby on the 19th, and I think it is going to be a girl. But little boys are so cool too. Whatever the little package is, I am betting on the 19th still!

  4. I actually went into labor on my due date with my oldest. After 4 days of not sleeping, I laid down, got into a nice deep sleep and WHAMMO! my labor started. I was induced with my youngest.

    I hope the lil one to make you wait to long.

  5. Wow! I messed that last sentence up bad.

    Its supposed to say "I hope the lil one doesnt make you wait to much longer"

    Sorry bout that

  6. Hey! I have the same socks! :)

    PS I love your wedding pictures, my partner and I just got married in August:)

  7. I was a week late but then again when I had the ultrasound done the day I had my son was the day she said he was going to be born.

  8. I was induced. :-/

    However, I tried the spicy food thing too, but with no luck!

  9. owl from: 17, 2007 at 3:14 PM

    since you asked so desperately i am coming out of lurking to say my waters broke at 1am at 40 weeks and 2 days. labour never came by itself, was induced 48 hours later, that didn't work either. c-section at 40weeks 5 days.

  10. your socks are great!

    (i have no birth story yet. i'm only 14 wks...)

  11. Not trying to be crude....but if you stimulate your nipples, sometimes it can cause you to go into labor. It releases the same hormones that cause labor.

  12. I spontaneously went into labor at 39w4d exactly - right where you are now! :) Lots of nipple stimulation involved, and my water broke - POP!

  13. No birth story, yet, as you know!!!

    Wow, I can't believe how exciting this is getting!!!

  14. HI, total stranger here.

    Kid number one: labor started at 40 weeks + 1 day, but the birth wasn't actually till 40 weeks + 3 days (eep!)

    Kid number two: 39 weeks + 6 days

    Good Luck!

  15. Delurking to say
    Baby A: denied i was in labour as she came 2 weeks before EDD

    Baby B: felt like i was overdue but he arrived one day after his EDD

    Baby C: got induced, didn't work, tried that route for 5 freaking days..finally c-section at 40 weeks 6 days

  16. You have not posted yet today on the 18TH, should we take that to mean something?

    I don't remember you having this baby at a hospital, at home? Midwife?

    Post something, I am worried a little bit here now. Well not worried, just wondering if you are birthing a baby right now. No, I am worried.

    Will check back in a little while. R.


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