Wednesday, December 19, 2007

39w 6d

G'mornin' everyone! I am amazed that I am up and posting this early- typically, I am still sleeping, but for some reason, I woke up an hour before the alarm went of with racing thoughts of scouring my bathroom sink and scrubbing the toilet, and changing the sheets of the bed I was laying in... Hmmmmm...

I am joining Mindi for her yearly girlie-parts exam. I will have to make a concious effort not to remove my pants when I walk into the Dr.s office- this will be the first time I will be walking into an OB/GYN office and not disrobing for a stranger! Yay!


  1. nice role reversal;-)

    i'm going for my girlie part exam in january and i made sure to ask if they were lesbian-friendly so i can talk to them about TTC!

  2. you go jessie! I remember the first conversation with my doc VER well! GL!!

  3. ourbabyblue.wordpress.comDecember 19, 2007 at 12:25 PM

    Angi and I call our annuals the "slippery duck." Glad it's not you on the table for once!

    I do indeed know your doula and have already "reserved" her for my birth (hoping of course that we get there:) I can't imagine having anyone better. You are in very good hands. Just relax and it will all be happening before you know it.

    Do you have set names ready or a couple going in? Or not sure!? What are you looking forward to most? Any tips that seem to keep you in the uber-zen zone?

    So f*cking exciting!

  4. LOL oh Sarah, well, we have our names almost picked out but I refuse to tell anyone till the wee one is here! God, what am I looking forward to most? I honestly have not even thought about it- I think that is part of why I am still in uber-zen mode- I think I am just in denial!

  5. "What's happening, what's happening???" <----- Me, running to the computer after I get home from work. This is nerve-racking!

    Ha, that's funny how the roles have changed...for those brief moments in the room! I think that's very sweet that you go with her!

    Hoping things are still going well. I know you can't wait to 'get this party started'!!!


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