Friday, November 2, 2007

Use your imagination

For anyone who has BEEN pregnant- I am sure that you can fully grasp the concept in these two photos. For anyone who has never been pregnant- use your imagination, and for any partners of newly pregnant women, this is what you are in for...


  1. LOL!!!!!! i was SO happy to see this--i have asked T in the past if she would do that for me and she thought i was joking. i was SO not joking. :)

  2. no way! i was seriously just thinking of that very senario this morning using my exact same model, because, of course, i imagine what every moment would be like pregnant. and you feed my addiction. thanks for sharing!

  3. Yup, I can totally relate. It was an exciting day when the boy was born: my wife can now tie her own shoes, and take care of her own "maintenance". Hee hee. Great pics!

  4. Ha! Hilarious....

    I think it's wonderful that she does those things for you!! That is one big belly girlie :) Not too much longer now!!!

  5. Dude. I officially quit all shaving below the armpits a couple weeks ago. It's winter. You are a trooper and so is your DP.


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