Friday, November 16, 2007

Hot Shot

I figured I would post this new pic just cuz I like it :). We had our final pre-delivery meeting with our doula yesterday to go over the "plan" for the birth. She is a great gal and I am excited to work with her- I think she will be a great help to both Mindi and myself. I have been trying to figure out the logistics behind how we are going to deal with the "labor tub". We have an inflatable pool that we would like to use during labor. I am not looking to have a "water birth" but I am fully aware that water can be very soothing to a contracting woman. I am having a hard time finding a hose to faucet adapter that fits my faucet. Obviously, we need to have a hose to get the water from the water tank to the pool... Then I am wondering, how do I get the water out afterwards?? I don't have a submersible water pump, and I am not about to lug 106 gallons of "used labor water" to my bathtub with a measly bucket, and of course, neither is my wife- AND, although I have great friends, I am not going to push that job on them either... So, what do I do? Should I say "screw the inflatable tub" and just sink into my ridiculously shallow bathtub? Do I fill the inflatable tub and worry about getting the water out after the birth later? (God only knows how long that water will sit there if I do it that way NASTY!!) Should I just stick to showers only? Has anyone else ever dealt with this? what did you do? How about the shower as opposed to a tub? anyone try both? was there a huge difference??? ACK! Some advice would be lovely!


  1. What a gorgeous photo! :)
    i wish i had advice for you. i have given a lot of thought to how i want to give birth, but it's hard to make definite plans're ACTUALLY pregnant.
    Hope you figure out the best plan!

  2. Very cool photo!

    Ok, I wish I could give you some advice, but, alas, haven't had a I'm of no use!!! If all else fails - GOOGLE IT!!!

    Oh, and I actually have an Apple MacBook laptop, that has a built-in "iSight" camera...and a little application called "photo booth", where you can just shoot photos of yourself with different effects. It's silly and fun. I should post a photo album of the ridiculously funny photos I take. Anyway, I know you can do some cool stuff in Photoshop and stuff, but I am no expert at that! Without that application, the only thing I know how to do is change a photo to sepia, or black and white, re-touch the image or make it look slightly "antique". Do you have a PC or a Mac? I know that they have programs that you can download online that allow you to play around with pictures. Let me know if you find something!

  3. You can create siphoning action by filling the hose, leaving one end in the pool, and running the other end out the door. I think the free end of the hose needs to be at a lower level than the pool, so we just ran it off our back porch and into a conveniently located storm drain. I remember it being surprisingly easy, but I was sleep deprived and had just seen a baby born, so I suppose anything would be surprisingly easy. :) Our biggest challenge was getting the water warm enough, so my suggestion to you would be to do some experimentation and make sure your hot water heater is up to the task. The midwife, birth assistant, and I ended up boiling water on the stove to raise the temp, and all Jen wanted was to be IN the pool.

  4. Oh, and Jen says the pool was definitely worth the hassle.

  5. You could also try using an aquarium pump that you can get at any Petsmart type store for around $30. You just shake it under the water and it will drain it down pretty quickly.

    Good luck!


    PS. I second that having a tub is totally worth the hassle. I loved it when in labor with my daughter and it sped my labor up very nicely.

  6. create a siphon is the correct answer. you turn the water on and as soon as the water is coming out into the tub (make sure hose is underwater at that point), disconnect the hose from the faucet and put it out a window or into your shallow bathtub or whatever. the end of the hose where it will drain out needs to be lower than the other end. you can order adapters on line. just do a search for faucet adapter water birth. lowes, home depot probably carry them too.


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