Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Contraction Master

I stumbled accross a neat website yesterday called Contraction Master. It is a funny name, but it is a free website that allows you to easily track your contractions in terms of length and frequency, just by hitting the space bar when a contraction starts and stops. It will come in super handy when I think that I am really going into labor in the middle of the night because all Mindi will have to do is grab her laptop and put it near the bed. Then, whenever a contraction starts I can just hit the space bar! I think that it will save both of our sanity because she won't have to watch the second hand and write things down, and I will be able to handle it all while she snoozes a little longer! Snoozing is good for mindi- she NEEDS her sleep...Yippee!


  1. oh my gosh, that's awesome!!!!!

  2. I totally used the contraction master when Jen was sleeping after my water broke. I was too excited to sleep!!

  3. That is awesome. It so got added to the favorites on our computer.

    (This is Jennyc11 from FF, BTW.)


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