Friday, November 30, 2007

37 weeks

Well, we hit full term yesterday! Here are some 37 weeks pictures- the baby should be coming in 0-5 weeks now! Come out come out little baby! We are ready for you!! Teehee!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No more Smiles

Over the course of the last 4 and a half years together, I have come to realize time and time again that it is almost impossible to say to Mindi "smile for the camera" and have her flash a beautiful, painless, toothy smile. She has this "photo smile" that she does- it is half smiling, half, well, miserable(see exhibit A)...

Don't get me wrong, I am NOT making fun of my girl, I am just acknowledging a personality trait in her. Well, on Sunday, we both had a revelation! If Mindi doesn't want to smile for a picture, then the logical thing would be to make her frown for one! She liked this idea. I did too for 2 reasons... reason 1, Mindi frowning or making some silly, non smiling face, melts my heart like watching a little puppy sliding on a slick linoleum floor, and reason 2, I have discovered that her goofy face is usually immediately followed by the most beautiful smile or grin in the world, and if my trigger finger is on the ball, I can manage to capture that smile on film as well- note, exhibit B and C.

See, now isn't that a BEAUTIFUL Smile?!

Monday, November 26, 2007

2 Wonderful Years

November 26, 2007 marks the 2 year anniversary of our wedding. I love you Mindi, it has been a wonderful 2 years, and it is about to get even better!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

They sure don't make them like they used to...

I am a pregnant person. I have gained weight during my pregnancy. Most pregnant people feel like Cows at some point in their pregnancy. My "I feel like a cow" moment came when I sat down on the toilet and the seat cracked. Yes, that's right, the fat cow pregnant person broke the friggin' toilet seat! grumble grumble grumble. We just went to pick up a new seat since we could no longer sit on the seat without it pinching our delicate thighs... The crack is narrow, but man, does it pack a punch with it's pinch when you are least expecting it! Sigh...

Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

I really enjoyed my Thanksgiving this year. Last year, Mindi was out of town for Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and the New Year- it was a pretty big bummer! This year, I had my girl, the baby in my belly, and my 3 closest friends over.

I cooked- MAN did I cook! We did our Thanksgiving celebration on Black Friday so that our friends could see their families on Thursday night. It was actually the first thanksgiving that I have cooked for that was for more than just Mindi, myself, and my dad. I spent all week putting together the menu. I was REALLY daring and made only things that I had never tried before. I know, what was I thinking, right? What logical person hosts a holiday dinner and only cooks dishes that they have never tried before? Well, luckily for me, although I like impressing my friends, I also have friends that can appreciate a good attempt, even if it ends up being a flop. Besides, all the recipes I tried had great reviews. I love the Website They have tons of awesome recipes and a neat rating system.

I tried making a Tofu Turkey for the first time ever. I didn't have very high expectations for it, but it turned out pretty well! I had even stuffed it with dressing! (I was very happy with the dressing by the way! It was a spin-off of my mom's recipe.) I think that every one's favorite dish was the Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts Rolls. They were DELICIOUS and SUPER EASY to make! I read the reviews, and realized that I didn't have to make the sauce as they directed. A lot of people made the sauce and put it on the side for dipping or just used a teriyake sauce on the side for dipping. That is what I did, because I wanted to make sure that mindi liked the sauce we were using. Also, instead of using real bacon, I used fake bacon strips by Morning Star Farms. (4 out of 5 people there were vegetarians). I had my guests bring desserts and they were fantastic! Overall, it was a great time, and my first successful Thanksgiving hosting experience- and hopefully not the last!

P.S. Thanks to my friends for helping with the last minute cooking!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Really real....

Just when I feel that I have a handle on the fact that in a month or less we will have a new, freshly baked bun in our house, I do/see/experience something else that hits me like a ton of bricks, leaving me standing, speechless, like- oh my GOD! We are going to have a BABY?! I remember that feeling when we first set up the crib, and when we first brought bottles in the house- this time? THE CAR SEAT!!! ACK! There is a CAR SEAT IN MY CAR!!! And yes, it is blue- but don't read to deeply into that fact, it is really just both of our favorite color, and no, we still don't know the sex of our baby.

Monday, November 19, 2007

almost 36 weeks

Here you go photo hungry people- yes, I am getting huge, and no, I am not about to blow any second. Can you believe that I still have about 4 weeks until my due date? Oy...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Hot Shot

I figured I would post this new pic just cuz I like it :). We had our final pre-delivery meeting with our doula yesterday to go over the "plan" for the birth. She is a great gal and I am excited to work with her- I think she will be a great help to both Mindi and myself. I have been trying to figure out the logistics behind how we are going to deal with the "labor tub". We have an inflatable pool that we would like to use during labor. I am not looking to have a "water birth" but I am fully aware that water can be very soothing to a contracting woman. I am having a hard time finding a hose to faucet adapter that fits my faucet. Obviously, we need to have a hose to get the water from the water tank to the pool... Then I am wondering, how do I get the water out afterwards?? I don't have a submersible water pump, and I am not about to lug 106 gallons of "used labor water" to my bathtub with a measly bucket, and of course, neither is my wife- AND, although I have great friends, I am not going to push that job on them either... So, what do I do? Should I say "screw the inflatable tub" and just sink into my ridiculously shallow bathtub? Do I fill the inflatable tub and worry about getting the water out after the birth later? (God only knows how long that water will sit there if I do it that way NASTY!!) Should I just stick to showers only? Has anyone else ever dealt with this? what did you do? How about the shower as opposed to a tub? anyone try both? was there a huge difference??? ACK! Some advice would be lovely!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Contraction Master

I stumbled accross a neat website yesterday called Contraction Master. It is a funny name, but it is a free website that allows you to easily track your contractions in terms of length and frequency, just by hitting the space bar when a contraction starts and stops. It will come in super handy when I think that I am really going into labor in the middle of the night because all Mindi will have to do is grab her laptop and put it near the bed. Then, whenever a contraction starts I can just hit the space bar! I think that it will save both of our sanity because she won't have to watch the second hand and write things down, and I will be able to handle it all while she snoozes a little longer! Snoozing is good for mindi- she NEEDS her sleep...Yippee!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

34 weeks and counting

Wow- it is getting close... we have less than 6 weeks until our estimated due date, and let than 3 weeks until our baby is officially considered full term... EEP! I slacked last week on taking a belly shot and man, was I surprised when I saw my belly this week! Holy Cow! I am HUGE! And I know I can only get bigger! I am indulging you guys with a bare belly shot this week to show the grandiosity that is the belly. You can also see some of the stretch marks, which, are actually not quite as bad as I was expecting that they would be. I realize that there are more to come, but I guess I thought they would be worse off at this point!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Girl's night

I had a great night Monday night- I went to a friend's house for a girl's night out. It is probably the last girl's night that I will be having for a looong time... It was tons of fun- bring your favorite drink recipe and all of it's elements... Of course, since I can't have alcohol and I am trying to watch my sugar intake, I brought my favorite- flavored waters. They are super simple and are actually great to have at drinking parties to help keep the drinking people hydrated! They were a hit- I had cucumber water and watermelon mint water- yum yum! Of course, I brought some snacks too and we partied like it was 1999!

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Nursery!!

I finally got around to taking some pictures of our baby's nursery! Enjoy!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Use your imagination

For anyone who has BEEN pregnant- I am sure that you can fully grasp the concept in these two photos. For anyone who has never been pregnant- use your imagination, and for any partners of newly pregnant women, this is what you are in for...

hee hee hee

I love the comparison~


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