Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shower #2- What a blast!

Us indulging in a little ice cream cake!

A great diaper bag for Mama Mindi!

One of my coworkers feeding poop to her son... Ok, it was a melted chocolate candy bar, but it sure looks funny doesn't it...

The Cake


  1. Cute cake! Glad you had such a fun shower...

  2. Hey Lynn,

    Just watched a slideshow of your commitment ceremony. Oh my gosh - it brought tears to my eyes. I kid you not. It just makes me SO happy to see that kind of looked like you both had some parents there supporting you both as well. I just wish you two all the happiness in the world when the little one gets here. It is so clear to me how much love you guys have for eachother, and it just brings me so much joy. (As seen through blogland, of course!) Anytime I see a lesbian couple like that - it just honestly touches my heart. Forgive me if I sound all emotional!!! I got an email from my mom saying (again) what a "dreadful and abnormal lifestyle" I'm in...and then I saw your pictures and just cried!! What 2 women can feel for eachother is just as passionate and as deep as any straight couple...and it's beyond me that people can think any different. Anyway, I apologize for blabbing on - I should have just written an email! But, just wanted to say how great the pictures were - and that it looks like it was an amazing and beautiful ceremony. I hope many other couples get to share a day filled with so much love and support as the one I'm sure you two shared :) Hope all is well with you, Mindi, and baby.


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