Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Horse named Charlie

Wow, so sleeping has become a real challenge... I have a snoogle pregnancy body pillow that I use at night to help cradle me. Mindi HATES it- it is huge and bulky, and she feels as if there is a third person in the bed. I can feel her pain, and it makes it difficult to get up in the middle of the night to pee, but I consider it a necesary evil. I have found myself sleeping really late into the morning now which is ok I guess, but it is a bad habit to get into. I don't know how either one of us is going to handle the newborn up-every-2-hours-deal. I know we will manage.

I have started having dreams now about the baby. Last night, I dreampt for the first time that I had just given birth and was holding the baby in my arms. It was a pretty cute baby- we will see what it looks like in a month (plus).

2 nights ago I woke up to the worst Charlie Horse in my leg. Now, I thought that I had encountered charlie horses before during this pregnancy, but in retrospect, they were nothing more than muscle cramps. This particular one had me howling in pain, tearing up, and pounding the back of my calf like I was trying to tenderize a slab of beef. It was NOT FUN. My toes were stuck in the "pointe shoe" position- man, it was bad, and my leg is still sore today...

We have all of the baby linens washed now- that is exciting (to me). We don't have a whole lot of stuff, but there is plenty of time for us to amass more "stuff". Our next step is to buy and install the car seat...


  1. Oh, I hate, hate, hate the pointe shoe toe cramp. Poor you! I've had charlie horses before, but that sounds like a doozie!

  2. i could not live (er, sleep) with out my snoogle! and my partner detests it as much as i love it. it is a necessaryh evil.

  3. Oh man, when the charlie horse hurts the day after, you know it was a bad one!! Sorry to hear that. I hate those things. I've only had one that brought tears to my eyes, but it was the most painful thing EVER....hope you don't have ANY more!

    Time is flying by....I can't believe you guys will have baby soon! I am so excited for you two! Your belly is great!!! This last bumpilicious shot, I noticed the biggest change!!!

    Enjoy lovely sleep :)


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