Monday, October 1, 2007

Home From the Babymoon

Wow- we had a FANTASTIC time! We spent five days and four nights in San Diego and it was just what we needed to help us prepare for baby. We did a lot of bonding and a lot of talking about the future. We did a lot of sight seeing and dining. The hotel was AWESOME. We stayed at the Hotel Solomar, a 4 star hotel in the Gaslamp district. It had an awesome rooftop pool and lounge. We visited Mission Beach, Balboa Park, the zoo, Tijuana and Old town. I think that the most interesting part of our excursions to me was Tijuana- it was fun to try and dodge the peddlers... I am so glad we put the time aside for "us" and I am Glad that we are now home. We picked up the crib today and it is now all set up in the nursery. I guess I am now obligated to post pictures of the nursery!! We took my 28week belly and bumpilicious pictures while we were in San Diego, and I just had to include a picture of my beautiful wife eating her room service oatmeal...

oh, and that one picture of me in front of Michael Jackson... that was a strange little wax museum we stopped at in Tijuana. Some of the sculptures were decent but some really sucked- that guy sitting in the picture behind me, for example, -that is SUPPOSED to be Tom Cruise... uh, yeh... it looked more like a dirty homless man...


  1. Your babymoon sounds delightful!! I'm glad you two had a good time! Sending an electronic belly rub.

  2. I'm glad you two had lots of fun! I think it's wonderful that you planned to take the time to do this together! It sounded lovely! Babymoon... I love it!

    I loved the pics!! Your belly is getting so big!

    Ps. "Tom Cruise" DOES look like a dirty old man....a homeless dirty old man.

  3. Your babymoon sounds fantastic. It's grea thta you decided to do this, and that you had a great time. And look at your belly!


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