Thursday, September 6, 2007

Purging the pee sticks

Every pergnancy test that I had taken since Mindi and I tried to get pregnant was kept lovingly in a little glass cup on my desk. I had not had a real plan for them, as they piled up, but I figured that I wanted to use them to document our trials. Not too long ago, however, after a number of positive test were added to the plethora of negatives, did I realize that I really just had a bunch of peed-on cardboard sticks showcased on my desk. I decided right then that I should just take a picture and purge the pee sticks. So that's what I did. Bye bye pee pee cardboard- BYE BYE!

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  1. Wow....quite the little collection! So many memories eh? Sometimes it's hard to let go of those things.....alas, Bye bye pee sticks!!!!!!!


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