Saturday, September 1, 2007


I love IKEA. There... I said it- I am an IKEA addict. Now, I am not necessarily an IKEA addict in that I love all of their products- I just love the creativity I see in their displays- not to mention the fact that most of their stuff is inexpensive... I know that most of the furniture is not the most high quality, but it does have style, and the fact that almost anything they sell can be put together with an allen wrench, well, that right there speaks wonders... I think, however, that what I enjoy most about visiting an IKEA store, is stepping into their little "rooms". I love the little tags that they hang on things saying "IKEA tip:...". Unfortunately for me, my retention of most of these nifty little tips is not very long-lived, and I forget 98% of them by the time I would need a good idea. These "IKEA hacks" are the most fun thing about IKEA. I just love seeing their products "re purposed" to suit an uncommon need. Which brings me to the real reason for this post... I actually discovered a blog COMPLETELY DEVOTED to IKEA hacks! And it has AWESOME IDEAS! WITH PICTURES! AND INSTRUCTIONS! AND INSPIRATION!!! Check it out! And for my friend Crystal... I found some great ideas for your litter box issue!

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  1. you shouldnt have told me about that, I now have 2 more projects for you!! you better get your tools ready missy.....


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