Friday, September 21, 2007

Feeling Green

Wow- I really have not been feeling so hot the last 2 days. I am really really tired, with a semi-upset stomach, an "aggravated" bowel, and a topsy-turvy appetite. I think I took at least 3 1.5 hour naps yesterday and I am amorously thinking about the bed as we speak. I didn't get out of my pjs at all yesterday, so I felt it was my duty to shower and dress today so that I didn't feel like such a bum. It is not working very well- that bed still sounds pretty enticing...

The little one has been kicking like MAD which can be quite uncomfortable at times. I think that s/he is going through a growth spurt right now because I discovered yet another baby stretch mark this morning before my shower... And I know it only gets "better" from here on out...

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  1. awh, hoping you feel better soon!! naps can help a lot!!! i guess it doesn't help when the wee one is kicking you like crazy eh?


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