Thursday, August 9, 2007


...My Sassy Lassy...

I am really growing! It has reached the point where I am grunting like an old man every time I bend over because I have no room in my tiny torso and my diaphragm is being smooshed...

Our crib (a fantastic gift from Mindi's mom) should be arriving in about 2 weeks! We are VERY jazzed about that! I believe that we will be starting on the nursery soon! I would like the room to be painted before the crib arrives!


  1. Awh, cute shot!!! And look at that belly!! The body is an unbelievable thing that a baby can grow in there, everything smooshes together and still works! Ah! Sorry to hear you're so uncomfortable though!! I'm sure in the end it will ALL be worth it!!

    What colour are you guys painting the room?

  2. That is an awesome photo. I love it!


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