Thursday, August 23, 2007

The return of the Hobo

So, I was going downstairs to check my emails and thought "gee, I have to go potty"- so I turned towards the bathroom and saw that white sink that had the massive Hobo spider in it the other day and thought to myself jokingly "oh, you better prepare yourself for another big furry spider!". Much to my surprise- LOOK WHAT I FOUND?! I think maybe they are coming up through the drain? I have no clue, but this one was not as big.... Sheesh!


  1. Yikes! J and I make deals with spiders because she's terrified of them. We'll tell them, "Okay, you can be in the bathroom if you don't leave that corner." Sometimes they'll obey; sometimes they won't. When they don't, they have to die. Am I revealing a little too much of my insanity here? :-)

  2. Another one? Yeah, it must be the drain.

    You obviously have a good digital camera....I can see the nasty little hairs. AHHH, I just hate them.

    Did you free this guy too, or did you kill it? Please tell me you killed it..........


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