Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hey Tiffany...

I don't have your email address... but I will tell you that I tracked my fertility using It is a free website that was indespensible to us while we were trying to get pregnant. I highly recomend it! And as for a pregnancy journal, well, you are reading it sister!


  1. Thanks Lynn!! I will definitely start using it to track everything. Several people have recommended it. I love the whole blog thing!! And yours is seriously my favourite one out of the few I view more often- I love that you update it regularly!! (OKAY, and since we're waiting until january to start the insem process, I am living through others!! ha! gotta take whatever pregnancy stuff I can get right now!) Anyway, again, I appreciate the is my email address - we would love to be in touch with you two!

  2. okay random... but i used fertility friend too!


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