Thursday, August 16, 2007

Big Weight Lifted

This is me sighing a GIANT sigh of relief... AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. The last two months have been a little stressful around here. Finally, after 2 months of not knowing the answer to a potential big move across the country, we finally have our answer- we are staying put. It is the answer that I wanted all along, and I am so relieved. Another great thing about us staying put is the fact that I can now resume my unfinished and yet-to-be-started projects on our house! One of these important projects for me was THE NURSERY! We just got a call yesterday that our crib was in and ready to be picked up. We painted the nursery and hung the curtain rods. I will post some pictures of the nursery in due time, and I also realized that I haven't taken a belly shot or a bumpilicious shot in a while! ACK! I will do that tomorrow, but for now, it is time to snuggle up with my beautiful wife in our cozy bed and dream about our little 1 Lb. Bun. :)

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the nursery pics - I know it will be adorable! On your previous post about what you wanted the nursery to look like, I could tell by the pic that you had good taste!!

    I have been looking for that belly shot girl! Are you getting lots of kicks from the wee one lately?


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