Tuesday, August 7, 2007

ABout to Blow

Now, all the ladies out there that have already had babies are going to laugh at me now and say "oh, you just wait!" But I totally feel as if I am about to blow!!! I rolled around like a clumsy gymnist all night last night, and after 2 hours of being kicked by the wee one and thinking about how we are going to do the nursery, I finally drifted off into a half- sleep. When I woke up, my abdomen was so sore it made me nauseous and short of breath. I feel like I have no more room for my organs and I know that this is only the beginning!

I went with Mindi to a Dr. appointment and there was this hugely pregnant girl in the elevator. She had a similar body type as myself and I thought she was going to fall over!!! Ahhhh the things we have to look forward to!

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