Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Too Much Free Time at 23w5d

I had a little free time this afternoon after I posted the last picture, and I thought to myself as I was looking at the picture, "I wish I could see through my skin!" So, I decided to draw a mock up based on that picture as to what our little baby really looks like inside my belly. I looked at some websites describing size and positioning, etc etc and I came up with a pretty good sketch if I do say so myself! If you look closely, you can see my diaphragm, my ribs, large intestine, bladder and of course, the wee babe!

Love the Candids

I just had to post this great candid shot mindi took of me getting back into the car after pumping gas...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The return of the Hobo

So, I was going downstairs to check my emails and thought "gee, I have to go potty"- so I turned towards the bathroom and saw that white sink that had the massive Hobo spider in it the other day and thought to myself jokingly "oh, you better prepare yourself for another big furry spider!". Much to my surprise- LOOK WHAT I FOUND?! I think maybe they are coming up through the drain? I have no clue, but this one was not as big.... Sheesh!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Spiders, Cute Hair, Bumpiliciousness, and Groceries

I have been such a slacker lately! I have reached this point where I am totally back to tired. AT about 15 weeks or so, I had a huge energy boost. Now, that energy boost was not a boost to my non-pregnancy energy level, but it was way higher than it had been. Now, I am back to low energy. not the kind of low energy that has me wanting to sleep all day long, but it is low enough to, well, make me lazy... in every way... like, blogging too... ANYWAYS... I got a little hairstyle change (with the addition of some sassy little bangs) that you may be able to see in my last post's picture, but I felt as if I were having a good hair day yesterday and so I snapped a pic of myself right before bed.
Here it is:

Cute Hair

This morning, I went down to the laundry/bathroom to do some laundry and found THIS in the sink...

It was VERY BIG and it had FUR! AAAAH! I swooped it up in a cup and gave it a new home in the backyard...

Yesterday, my girl and I went to the grocery store for a FEW SMALL ITEMS. When we got to the store, we were amazed to find that we were both REALLY HUNGRY and ended up doing a $170.00 shopping trip and having a kitchen that looked like this when we got home:

And last, but not least, my 22w2d bumpilicious shot!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Big Weight Lifted

This is me sighing a GIANT sigh of relief... AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. The last two months have been a little stressful around here. Finally, after 2 months of not knowing the answer to a potential big move across the country, we finally have our answer- we are staying put. It is the answer that I wanted all along, and I am so relieved. Another great thing about us staying put is the fact that I can now resume my unfinished and yet-to-be-started projects on our house! One of these important projects for me was THE NURSERY! We just got a call yesterday that our crib was in and ready to be picked up. We painted the nursery and hung the curtain rods. I will post some pictures of the nursery in due time, and I also realized that I haven't taken a belly shot or a bumpilicious shot in a while! ACK! I will do that tomorrow, but for now, it is time to snuggle up with my beautiful wife in our cozy bed and dream about our little 1 Lb. Bun. :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007


...My Sassy Lassy...

I am really growing! It has reached the point where I am grunting like an old man every time I bend over because I have no room in my tiny torso and my diaphragm is being smooshed...

Our crib (a fantastic gift from Mindi's mom) should be arriving in about 2 weeks! We are VERY jazzed about that! I believe that we will be starting on the nursery soon! I would like the room to be painted before the crib arrives!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

ABout to Blow

Now, all the ladies out there that have already had babies are going to laugh at me now and say "oh, you just wait!" But I totally feel as if I am about to blow!!! I rolled around like a clumsy gymnist all night last night, and after 2 hours of being kicked by the wee one and thinking about how we are going to do the nursery, I finally drifted off into a half- sleep. When I woke up, my abdomen was so sore it made me nauseous and short of breath. I feel like I have no more room for my organs and I know that this is only the beginning!

I went with Mindi to a Dr. appointment and there was this hugely pregnant girl in the elevator. She had a similar body type as myself and I thought she was going to fall over!!! Ahhhh the things we have to look forward to!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


She felt it! My beautiful wife finally felt her baby kick for the first time! We were laying in bed, talking and being snugly and she had her hand on my belly. The baby Kicked- right underneath her hand. I thought that it may have been strong enough for her to feel and I said "did you feel that"? But before I could really finish my sentence she was like "YES!" I guess she was thinking "was that a kick?!" It sure was! We laid there for a little while longer, waiting to see if our little kick boxer would do it again, but alas, no luck. We still have over 19 weeks to go, and I am sure that that time will provide us with many more opportunities! Yippee!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

My sweet wife and New Belly Butter

I rarely post pictures of my wife on here, but this one was too cute to pass up! Here she is, luvin' our pup Brutus. We went to the store tonight and bought some butter for my belly. I realize and have accepted the fact that, based on my genetics, I will get my fair share of stretchmarks as time goes on, as I already have a road map on my body from puberty and weight fluctuation, however, we figured that it wouldn't hurt to rub a good butter on my belly, even if it is good for no more than bonding time. We happily settled on Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly butter, and it feels Divine! We put it on last night, and I still feel buttery this morning!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hey Tiffany...

I don't have your email address... but I will tell you that I tracked my fertility using It is a free website that was indespensible to us while we were trying to get pregnant. I highly recomend it! And as for a pregnancy journal, well, you are reading it sister!

new favorite shirt

Because it makes me look cute :)


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