Thursday, July 5, 2007

Week 16

So, we have reached week 16 :). All seems to be well these days. My online pals Jude and Jen just gave birth to their baby girl on the first (cute as a button she is!) I have been feeling OK too. The fatigue phase for me is long gone, but I do still tucker out easier than I used to. Mindi and I have been making good use of our Fetal Doppler to hear our little bean's heartbeat. It is quite an amazing sound! I have been having some wardrobe malfunctions now that I am growing out of my normal clothes. I wear my maternity jeans all the time now, and although they are still a wee bit big on me, they are so comfy! Right now, my favorite clothes are the maternity jeans, the little grey sweatshirt that my mummy bought for me at old navy, and a tank top (actually, what I am wearing in the picture!) Speaking of picture, I decided to stray from the typical belly shot this week, and take a few pictures including a scale picture of how big our baby is right now!! It is pretty neat I have to say myself :). It really helps me visualize! Enjoy!


  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to introduce myself to you both (as I am now someone who frequents your blog often!)My girlfriend and I will soon be starting this amazing journey of trying to get pregnant, and I absolutely love hearing others' stories that have gone (or are going through) what we will be in the next year. Karli and I (Tiffany) have been together 6 years in November, and are 23 and 25. I'm from Toronto, Ontario (canada) and she is from Richmond, Va. We live in Richmond right now. Anyway, I have loved reading your posts the past few weeks, and will definitely continue to check back. Just wanted to say hello and tell you both how happy I am for you!! We don't have a blog yet, but are on Facebook, if either of you are. Let us know if you are! Best of luck to you guys in the next few months. You're both adorable, and the blog is great!


  2. Oh honey - wait until you OUTGROW your maternity jeans. They won't be your favorites anymore! You'll be cursing them! HA HA HA HA.

    Seriously though, the end of pregnancy is really really funny.

    Congrats on Week 16!


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