Sunday, July 15, 2007

COngrats to the super Duper in control- you rock on wit yo bad self mama!

This is another prime real estate post for my chums J&J and their beautiful new daughter August. J just posted her fantabulous birth story and it was awesome! So, I figured, since she is so popular, and receives tons of comments on almost all of her posts, I would just comment to her on my prime real estate because I know that at some point, she will come read it. :) So, THANK YOU for posting the beautiful and fascinating birth story, CONGRATULATIONS for being able to achieve your goal birth experience (with a wee bit of help) and KUDOS to you for being such a trooper these last 2 weeks!!!

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  1. Lynn, you are quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. I am honored to score so much Prime Real Estate! I really am not the internet maven you make me out to be... I've just been blogging for a LONG time. ;)

    xoxo and can't wait until you're on this side of babyland,


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