Friday, June 1, 2007

The Lime

Did you know that a new baby is born every 8 seconds? I just read that somewhere and thought it was interesting. Anyways, I have found that I miraculously have more energy in the last few days than I have had for a long long time. Mindi and I enjoy a hobby called letterboxing which is a bit like a scavenger hunt and you can find clues about the whereabouts online. For more information about letterboxing, check out or Anyways... yesterday, Mindi and I found 7- that's right, 7 boxes and I never skipped a beat. AND as soon as we got home from our 5 hour hiking experience, I proceeded to weed my garden... I am quite surprised at the sudden burst of energy- I expected it to come a little later, but I am grateful for it nonetheless.

And now, our baby is currently the size of a large lime. -Oh! And my friend Stacey?? Her son was born at 5:45 this morning! YAY STACEY!!!

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  1. Hey! I just now started getting back in the swing of things and have updated myself by reading the last month's worth on your site.

    Thanks for the tribute! Lucas is doing well and growing like a little weed. I wonder if you guys are having a boy or a girl... how can you bear not knowing? I guess that's half the fun though. What are names that you guys are considering?


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