Friday, June 29, 2007

Fat and Not

I think that I have really been obsessing over this for the last few days. I really feel fat and blubbery right now. I realize that every pregnant woman goes through this phase, and let me tell you, it SUCKS! I was just looking at my "svelte" 5 week picture compared to my 15w picture EGAD! I just had to put the 2 together for my own sanity to remind myself, that the new belly is indeed the baby, and that I have actually LOST 2 pounds between 5 w and 15w! GOD HELP ME!

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  1. The two belly thing is definitely frustrating. My wife is 21 weeks and, still, if she wears regular pants, she has two bellies. In maternity pants, it's just one nice round bump.
    And yes, every day she wonders how many people look at her and think fat or pregnant? It's frustrating. And I think it's the same for everyone except those who started out super thin. Lucky bastards. ;)


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