Wednesday, June 27, 2007

14w5d belly shot

Ok, It is a little fuzzy, but you can still see it. I can totally tell (being inside me body and all) that I am getting bigger. In fact, just this last week, when Mindi was gone on a business trip, I really kindof popped out. Now, my pictures are all taken with me sucking in my tummy as far as I possibly can. I do this only because it is a "constant". I figure, I don't want to be pushing my tummy out in one picture, and not in another, so I just figured I would always suck it in. I guess it helps me through the "I feel like a potbelly pig" season that is the 4th month... I decided to include my 14w5d NOT sucking it in picture to show you what most people see on an average day too. Note, I am usually better dressed and my belly looks smoother when I am in normal clothes and not sucking it in...

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