Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pregnancy Rhinitis and Salivation

Yippie kiya-ho people- we are 11weeks today! Before I start my normal post, I want to bring my attention to my friend Stacey! Today is her due date, and although I realize her Little bun could decide to keep baking for a another week or two, I just want to say that YOU ARE IN MY THOUGHTS TODAY STACEY!!!

So, onto my newest affliction... RHINITIS. Rhinitis is a fancy word for stuffy nose. I am experiencing the pregnant version of rhinitis, and unfortunately, it is an affliction that will probably last until I go into labor. Apparently, it is caused by the swelling of all soft tissue due to, in part at least, the increased blood volume in a pregnant person's body (I believe). I am also experiencing an increase in saliva, which I had read about happening in one of my books. Neither one of these things on their own is much of a problem, but put together a stuffy nose and excess saliva at night when I am trying to sleep, and you come up with the phenomenon of waking up on a wet, slimy, drool filled pillow- kind of gross...

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