Wednesday, May 2, 2007

More Distrubing Dreams

I have heard that pregnant women's dreams can get a little morbid and freaky. Last night I dreamt that I went with my dad to the Walgreens for my first ultrasound, and I was able to see that I was carrying twins. Then, when we got home, we found my mother (who is in a wheelchair in real life) up on the top bunk of a bunk bed, dead, after choking on a banana and peanut butter sandwich. I know, a little freaky you say? It gets worse! Then, we find out that I had just miscarried one of the babies and all of a sudden, the baby and my mother are reduced to "symbolic cheeseburgers" and put in glass jars until we can figure out where to bury them. Now, when I say symbolic cheeseburgers, I mean, my dad and I are looking at these cheeseburgers as if they are our actual family members... I have no clue where this funky dream came from. It was quite disturbing to me.... I even wrote my mom an email this morning. I didn't tell her about my dream, but I had half a mind to tell her to stay away from banana and peanut butter sandwichs...

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