Friday, May 4, 2007

Getting Impatient

I am getting pretty anxious at this point to have my ultrasound. I suppose that it makes sense for a typical woman to have her first ultrasound at 9weeks, but it is VERY nerve wracking for me, especially since my cycles were completely monitored and artificial. I think that, had I told the girl that made my appointment for me that I had been having monitored IUI cycles, she may have scheduled something earlier to help me have a piece of mind. The annoying thoughts of me "not being pregnant anymore" are seeping in because I have not been quite as tired lately. I have also not really experienced any morning sickness either. I am just dying for a little piece of mind. Mindi's mom will be flying in in 2 weeks and will be coming with us to our ultrasound. I am really excited about this, as is she, and I really hope to see a healthy embryo in there. She is bursting at the seams to tell people that we are pregnant, and I think that she will do that shortly following her visit if all goes well with the ultrasound...

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