Saturday, May 26, 2007


I am excited to say that we have made it to (and past by 2 days) the 10week mark! Yay! As is habit, I did take a picture of my belly (or rather, mindi took a picture of it). Unfortunately, it came out blurry, but fortunately, it looked the EXACT SAME as my 6 and 7 week belly shots, so, no one is missing anything. I also let mindi take a picture of my pseudo 6 month belly, however, I was so mortified by having it on my computer screen that I deleted it before I had a chance to go into convulsions... So here is a reminder of what Lynn' s tummy looked like a few weeks ago, which happens to be the EXACT SAME as it looks today... maybe in a few more weeks I will get a 'bump'!

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  1. You will get a super cute bump! You just have to wait a while, which kind of sucks because after a while you just want to show already! But then you will get a big ole buddha belly and when you're waddling down the street, I can point to you and say, "WOAH, BIG BELLY!!"


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