Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Non Pregnancy Taken for Granted #4

Canned Tuna. I love me some good canned Tuna! The best is when you get the Horsey Sauce from Arby's and mix that into the can of tuna- it is sooo the bomb! But alas! For the next 9 months, I am not allowed my delectable, wonderful, Chicken of the Sea...


  1. Awwh man, I miss some delicious tuna sandwiches. And beer.

  2. Everyone takes different approaches during their pregnancies, of course, but some think it is okay to eat a minimal amount of canned tuna (not tuna steaks which come from bigger, older fish that have had time to absorb even more mercury). Anyway, the last recommendations I saw were to eat no more than 1 can of tuna fish per month (the FDA recommends 6oz or less, and one sandwich is about 2oz- the 1 can rec is from the environmental working group).

    I dont eat it at all, b/c im a worrywort but i know other pregnant ladies who do.

    (oh, and as far as the catbox goes, if you have an indoor cat you can get him/her tested for toxo and if the test comes back negative you could probably scoop the box with no risk or, at least, enter the room to get other items) :-)

  3. Haha! Nice thinking about the catbox mama, lol, but I'm not complaining too much... oh, no! I can't do laundry anymore?-Oh, shucks!- And what was that? No more litterbox or ironing? aw, darn it... ;)


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