Saturday, April 21, 2007

5w2d belly pic

Ok, so this is NOT the "psuedo six month Belly" pic I was talking about before... Luckily for me and the rest of the world, I am not nearly as bloated now as I was, although my boobies are getting bigger every day! SO, this is my official 5w2d belly pic. My belly is sucked in as far as it will go to give everyone a good base picture to go on. Any bubbles or bumps you see in this picture are my own belly fat deposits, not to be mistaken for baby belly. I think that one of my online blogging FF friends said it best when she said that she can't wait for her "B" belly to turn into a "C" belly! Well, that certain online, FF pregnant friend that just hit her 3rd trimester, and has commented on my blogs (thanks doll) definately HAS an ADORABLE "D" belly that she had been longing for!

So, there it is, the very first, 100% Honest - to - Goodness, no faking the pic by laying on the bed, OFFICIAL 5w2d belly pic.

I clink my glass (of apple juice) to bigger things to come... *clink cink!

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